Auditorium Booking


Tariff of the Auditorium

1. Rs.25000-00 per day.

2. A/C Charges Rs.800 per hour.

3. Auditorium can accommodate only 180 persons.

Auditorium Dimensions
Width : 35 Ft
Length : 25 Ft
Height : 25 Ft

Rules & Regulations of SGA

Auditorium available for Meetings, Stage Shows, Stand-up-comedy, Dance performance, etc.,

Applicants should enclose programme details and number of visitors.

All the payment will be accepted in Demand Draft payable at Hyderabad made in favour of “STATE GALLERY OF ART”.

The organisers required to pay a security deposit of Rs.5000. The Security Deposit will be refunded after the deduction of dues or towards damaged to auditorium and recoveries if applicable

Full payment of rentals and other charges must be paid in advance for confirmation of booking.

Booking dates cannot be changed.

The request for cancellation of the Auditorium is to be submitted in writing.

In case of cancellation amount paid will not be refunded or not transferred to others.

No nailing or sticking inside or outside of Auditorium allowed which damages Auditorium.

First cum first service shall be followed.

Gallery reserves cancelation of booking In case of Government or SGA programmes duly refunding rentals.

Inaugural expenses Tea & snacks, Xerox charges have to be borne by the individual.

President/ Director Decision are final in case of any dispute.

The SGA will not take any responsibility for the damage of the exhibits.

Gallery timings from 10.30 AM to 7.00 PM.

(Extra duty charges Rs.2000/- per hour must be paid to the Gallery for the payment of staff on duty after 7 p.m.

Programme should close by 7.00 PM

During power cut No power will be supplied Gallery don’t take any responsibility.

Gallery will not take any responsibility of your belongings.

After programme organisers are requested to take back their belongings.

Use of tapes and other adhesives for displaying any materials on the walls and screens is not allowed.

Sound and Lighting to be checked before booking Auditorium.

The Gallery administration will be responsible for cleaning the Auditorium. The Gallery administration does not hold itself responsible to give any assistance for the remove, display or storage of belongings.

The Gallery shall provide public-address system podium mike and one hand mike with an operator.

The Gallery permits to serve only champagne and wine during opening functions but necessary permission to be obtained from the excise department.

Any food or Beverages Not allowed inside the Auditorium.

Should cooperate in case of power cut or AC repair.

Material, objects or banners of sponsors will not be allowed to display inside or outside of Auditorium.

Calendar showing Occupied dates

- Booking Approved Dates
- Booking Open Dates

Auditorium Booking Form

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